My Ocean Photography Dreams and Goals for 2024

My Ocean Photography Dreams and Goals for 2024

Hello, all of you lovely Humans! I trust you had an amazing Christmas and a joyful New Year. As we step into the beginning of January, a whirlwind of planning and goal-setting awaits us all. Even for me, navigating the less travelled road of an Ocean Photographer, this is the season to chart my course for the year and set sail towards my aspirations. Today, I am excited to share some of my goals and plans with you.


First Plan/Goal: Growing my YouTube channel

My foremost ambition is to grow my YouTube channel by delving into longer-form videos that offer an intimate glimpse into my world of ocean photography. YouTube is a huge platform and I think it is a great platform to showcase my work in a more educational and personal way.

  • Cinematic long-form edits
  • Day in the Life explorations
  • In-depth explanations of my photos
  • Morning Sessions
  • Relaxing long-form videos to soothe your soul
  • Educational Videos to share my expertise

Join me on this exciting journey by subscribing to my YouTube channel.  If this is something that you think you would enjoy you can click here.

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Next up: Partnering with Like-minded Brands

Collaboration is key! I aim to work with brands that share my values, creating synergies that lead to extraordinary results. As an ocean photographer, I believe there's ample room for fruitful collaborations. I’m on the lookout for brands that align with my daily rituals, making the partnership authentic. If you represent such a brand, I invite you to reach out so we can explore the possibilities together.

Contact me


3rd Plan: Crafting an Ocean/Wave Photography Course

Ever considered capturing the beauty of the ocean through your lens? I’m gearing up to launch my own Ocean/Wave Photography course. With a wealth of experience and knowledge about photography, oceanography, and weather conditions, I aim to guide individuals passionate about this hobby or considering it as a career path. Stay tuned for an opportunity to dive deep into the art and science of ocean photography.

While there are a few more goals and plans I’m itching to pursue in 2024, these three take the spotlight for now. Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey, and here’s to a productive, healthy, and joyful year ahead!


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2024: Good for you Terence…sounds great especially the course you’ll be taking….Safe swim and Enjoy!


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