Emerald Whisper

Emerald Whisper

During my trip to Cape Town, South Africa, I was mesmerized by the intense beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. Despite the freezing water, I couldn't resist capturing its raw power and vibrant colors. One particular day, the ocean was incredibly turbulent, yet the sunlight penetrated the waves, giving them a surreal emerald hue. The contrast between the deep green water and the deep blue sky was breathtaking.

Determined to capture this moment, I swam out with my camera, navigating the powerful waves. It was a nerve-racking and demanding experience, but the result was worth it. I'm thrilled to share one of my favorite shots from that day, titled "Emerald Whisper." This photograph truly emphasizes the unique emerald color of the waves as I witnessed it.



You can now bring this beautiful moment into your home. Purchase the "Emerald Whisper" print  - View Here

I documented my entire trip in a vlog series as well as making 2 cinematic edits with all my best footage which you can watch here

Day 1 Vlog - Click Here
Cinematic Edit - Click Here 
Emerald Whisper Session - Click Here


Thanks for taking the time to read and thanks to everyone that supports my work by purchasing a print. I greatly appreciate it.

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3 comentarios

Your photos are so amazing I can not pick one that I haven’t liked it’s hard to pick one. I love ❤️ them all. Your one much of an Amazing guy to capture such beauty

Jean Wosepka

This piece is stunning! I love the emerald green, which happens to be my daughter’s birth stone. She just might need this beauty hanging in her wall!

Jeanette Kim

I love your work and wish I could capture the ocean like you do ✨️

Angela Tourish

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